Hi! My name is Tessa...

...and I’m an American living in Germany. I grew up in California and moved to Arizona with my family when I was a teenager. I love the scenic grandeur of the southwest, but my new home Görlitz has won a special place in my heart. The question everyone always asks me is:

My name is Tessa and I'm an American living in Görlitz

“How did you end up here?”

It all started when I met a German exchange student while studying Business Marketing in Flagstaff, Arizona. To make a long story short, we moved to Dresden and got married. After a difficult two years, we returned to Arizona where I vowed to work on improving my German and went back to school to earn my Bachelor and Master in German Studies. From there I began doing language teaching and translation work. When the opportunity arose to relocate to my husband’s hometown of Görlitz at the end of 2016, we jumped at the chance and we put down roots. Recently we finished renovating a historic house in the beautiful Nikolaivorstadt neighborhood.

What I do: Content Creation

I quickly fell in love with my new home and wanted to learn as much as I could about it, so I began to research, explore and share with others through photos, videos and posts on this website and on social media. I see a huge potential for attracting more visitors to our city by making it more accessible to English-speaking guests and I hope to play a role in making that happen!

Networking for English Speakers

Meet other English speakers in Görlitz at our monthly meetings

I knew how lonely it could feel to be in a new place and unable to make new contacts, so as soon as I arrived here, I created a group that meets regularly in Görlitz/Zgorzelec for English speakers like me who live in the area.

It doesn't matter if you speak English natively or if you are just learning, everyone is welcome! Find out more here.

Translations and Proofreading

Another important step to making Görlitz more attractive to visitors is the availability of English language texts, whether its online or on print materials. As a native speaker of English with an eye for detail, I can help you translate or proofread your English language texts. Find out more here.

Take an audio tour of Görlitz with my voice in your ear!

Audio Tour of Görlitz

The more I learned about Görlitz, the more I wanted to share! I discovered quickly that I don't have the right temperament for guided tours, but I was excited to team up with Voice Map to create a self-guided audio tour of Görlitz. Just download my tour on your cell phone and you can go through the old town at your own pace, with my voice in your ear. Find out more here.

Art & Web Design

In addition to the websites I have designed and developed, I also designed my logos and various artwork. Click here to find out more.

Ich bin Görlitz

For the city's 950th anniversary, I developed a photo/interview project to show the world the friendly and multifaceted face of Görlitz. Find out more here.