New in Görlitz: Audio Tours! 

Let me take you on an audio tour to get acquainted with the old town in Görlitz! Join me for this walk that weaves the fascinating story of Görlitz’s past and present into the sights around you. I’m a native English speaker who’s fallen in love with this city, let me show you why!

Why take an audio tour? 

Audio tours are self-paced! Download the tour and start it whenever you’re ready. You can pause it to stop for a coffee or look in a shop and resume whenever you like! My audio tour of Görlitz lasts approximately 40 minutes and will get you acquainted with Görlitz without bogging you down with too many historical facts. See the most beautiful sights, hear interesting stories and legends and get inspired for the rest of your stay!


1. Visit  or download the app VoiceMap in the app store on your phone
2. Search for my tour: “Getting to Know the Görlitz Old Town”
3. Purchase the tour for a one time-fee of $7.99 USD and start the tour whenever you’re ready. It’s available offline!
4. When you’re finished, please rate & review my tour!