English Speakers

Photo by Kevin Curtis on Unsplash


When I moved to Görlitz I knew it was a small town and there likely wouldn’t be that many people like me living here. After realizing that there wasn’t such a thing yet, I started the English Speakers in Görlitz group. We’ve been meeting once a month since January 2017, sometimes virtually when the pandemic made it impossible to meet in person. I am constantly surprised by how many new people we have coming to our meetups and not just native English speakers, but people from all parts of the globe! It’s become a great way to make friends here in Görlitz and it’s been such a pleasure to be a part of it. To find out about our meetups, please join our Facebook group or contact me for more information.


Once I started meeting all of these people at our meetups I noticed that there was a need for information and resources for English speakers in Görlitz. That’s when I started Görlitz News in English to try to help English speakers in Görlitz stay informed. I post news articles as well as a list of resources for English speakers who are new in town. The list is continuously updated, so if you have any additions or corrections, please let me know. This is a side project that I do in my free time, but I hope to keep expanding it in the future.