A Weekend in Stramberk

Stramberk is an adorable little town in the Czech Republic and a lovely place to spend a weekend. Nestled in the lime foothills of the Beskids (a mountain range in … Read more

The Synagogue in Görlitz

As of July 2021 the beautiful synagogue in Görlitz has finally reopened to visitors after a lengthy renovation and many decades where it lay in disuse and disrepair. Today the … Read more

Bautzen – City of Towers

Bautzen, known as the city of towers, is a lovely hill-top town in eastern Saxony with a population of about 40,000 people. Known for its Bautz’ner Senf, there’s a whole … Read more

Grand Budapest Görlitz

Many people have heard that Wes Anderson filmed his 2014 movie The Grand Budapest Hotel in the Kaufhaus in Görlitz, but did you know that the film is packed with other scenes … Read more

Day Trip to Wroclaw

Why Wroclaw in Poland is also worth a day trip (or more) from Görlitz The cities of Görlitz and Zgorzelec have a great success story to celebrate in terms of … Read more